How Far Can You Drive on a Flat Tire? Is It Safe?

Nothing automatically turns your day sour like a flat tire. Live Science tells us that a flat tire doesn’t always announce itself with a loud popping noise or another obvious sign. Sometimes, the flat tire is the result of a slow leak that causes the tire to gradually lose air pressure. You may not even realize you have a flat!

When you do realize a tire is flat, whether it happens right away or eventually, it is essential for you to remain calm but take action immediately. If you are driving, you need to slow down and pull off the roadway into a safe area away from traffic, the National Safety Council advises.

That’s not always possible, though. There are occasions when you get a flat tire in the most inappropriate of places, like a busy highway or dangerous neighborhood. You may simply be out of town and have no idea where you are! The only resort left (in your mind) is driving to the nearest repair shop on a punctured tire. There are times, it is true, when the nearest safe area is the next exit ramp, or some other distant location. This begs the question- can you drive on a flat tire? How far?

How Far Can You Drive on a Flat Tire?

The good news is that you don’t have to stop immediately if you feel for whatever reason that you cannot. Fortunately, it’s possible to drive several hundred yards before you irreparably destroy the tire. This is according to Car Talk. In fact, experts agree that it may be smarter to drive slowly to a safe stopping point, rather than to stop on a busy highway. This means not more than 20 mph. It is never safe to stop in traffic and risk a rear-end or side collision from other vehicles. 

Will There Be Damage?

Can you drive on a flat tire? Yes. Will there be damage? More than likely. If you feel you need to drive on a flat tire you can, but you can also expect some bills afterwards. Saving the flat tire so that it can be repaired is one consideration; another is saving the metal wheel on which the tire is mounted. If you drive more than a few hundred yards on your flat tire, you can expect to need to repair or replace the metal rim of your tire. 

Call Bronx Towing Express For Help

Whether your flat tire was caused by a stray nail in a construction zone or any other hazard, one thing is for certain: a flat tire is a major inconvenience. Can you drive on a flat tire? Yes, but you don’t need to- at least not for longer than to get to a safe spot. You don’t need to deal with this on your own! Call in a tow truck to help. When you notice a flat, call our team for roadside assistance. If you’re anywhere in the Bronx area, contact our team and we’ll be there in 15 minutes!

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