Car Tow FAQs: Is Towing Rough on The Car?

There are a variety of reasons you may need a car tow. Perhaps you are experiencing engine problems, you have a flat tire, or your vehicle is completely broken down. It’s even possible you were in an accident and it would be unsafe or impossible to drive your vehicle any further. Whatever the reason you need a car tow, the last thing you want is to damage the vehicle further during the actual towing. Is towing a vehicle rough on the car?

Does a Car Tow Cause Damage?

It’s never a great day when your vehicle has to be towed, no matter what the reason is. That being said, your day is certain to go from bad to worse if the simple act of towing it actually causes further damage to your already damaged vehicle.

This is an uncommon occurrence, thankfully. The truth is, it’s possible for your car to experience harm, but it’s not likely. The right towing company will know exactly what to do to handle your car with care. When the tow truck arrives at your location, it’s likely that the driver will ask you to put your vehicle in neutral. A vehicle engaged in neutral is far less likely to experience damage as the result of a tow.

It all comes down to having the right equipment and knowledge to tow your vehicle without damaging it, plus a dedication to customer service. While most tow trucks won’t damage your vehicle, this doesn’t mean you should completely let your guard down. It’s always a good idea to be aware of possible risks, just in case. Even more so, it’s a better idea to only trust the best tow truck company with your vehicle. In this area, that is Bronx Towing Express!

Contact Bronx Towing Express For a Car Tow

If you find yourself in the position of needing a tow, but are hesitant because you’ve heard towing can damage your vehicle, know that we’re here for you. With Bronx Towing Express, you never need to worry that we may damage your vehicle. We are a fully certified and insured towing company that easily and expertly handles most towing needs and nearly all vehicles. This means that not only are our tow truck operators fully trained in their own vehicle, but they’re also comfortable assessing your vehicle and its proper towing needs.

We take pride in providing you with reliable, cost-effective roadside assistance and towing using safe, well-maintained equipment that is specially designed to protect your vehicle from damage. With any questions, you can contact us directly through our website. We’ll even tow a vehicle that’s blocking your driveway! For an emergency tow anywhere in the Bronx area, please call our emergency dispatch team at (646) 846-0602.